On a positive sidenote, at least we're now running the latest stable node.js and mastodon versions.

Working on adding the necessary monitoring hooks so that doesn't happen again...

@wador not like I've done better; we've been down for over a month and the only reason I noticed was because I was auditing systems for that ssh patch...

Uhm, yeah. I guess we were down for a bit.

Scheduling the 2.4.1 upgrade of Mastodon for sosh.network for tomorrow night, PST.

Just updated sosh.network to 2.4.0, some new features added and some new profile stuff. Enjoy!

@stig Unfortunately, Microsoft priced themselves out of the market with their 3,000 dollar price tag on the . comes in at less than half that, and is every bit as wearable and usable in normal daily routine.

Still not sure I'd trust Google with anything, though.

@stig I wonder what vendor they had manning the stations that night.

So after a lot of troubleshooting this weekend (almost 30 hours of it!) my 3D printers are finally back to 100% operational status.

Protip: if you vape, put the 3D printer in a different room

@fionaskye I'm assuming he cloned himself a copy of his birth body and went looking for his lover. Could be a great second season. Question is, what would they do after?

Everyone will transfer here when they get booted from twitter. Guaranteed.

@fionaskye I just finished Altered Carbon. Fantastic show, thanks for the recommendation!

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