On a positive sidenote, at least we're now running the latest stable node.js and mastodon versions.

Working on adding the necessary monitoring hooks so that doesn't happen again...

Uhm, yeah. I guess we were down for a bit.

Scheduling the 2.4.1 upgrade of Mastodon for sosh.network for tomorrow night, PST.

Just updated sosh.network to 2.4.0, some new features added and some new profile stuff. Enjoy!

So after a lot of troubleshooting this weekend (almost 30 hours of it!) my 3D printers are finally back to 100% operational status.

Protip: if you vape, put the 3D printer in a different room

Everyone will transfer here when they get booted from twitter. Guaranteed.

@fionaskye I just finished Altered Carbon. Fantastic show, thanks for the recommendation!

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If no one's told you yet today, you are a valid cutie who deserves love and safety. ❤️

If you want a revolution, make sure you know what it’s for, and not merely against.

Good lesson from previous revolutions.

What's the most annoying thing about Switter? Trying to figure out what to work on first once we get all our ducks in a row

Please boost for visibility

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Ditch your facespace and twatter, let's SOSH it up!